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Discover the thrills and excitement inside our racing team. We offer you the opportunity to link your brand to Motorsport, to a professional driver and to the world of sportscars. Activate your brand in motorsport. Our team creates an environment which adds value to your image and to all your PR, internal or external communication, and incentives.


Motorsport is one of the most popular and true global sports in the world. You will be part of a vivid and capital intensive community. To support a ambitious and winning driver and team is an exceptional opportunity for maximizing exposure. Brand activation is the concept of bringing the spirit of brands to life. Next to that the races are the ideal opportunity to invite your relations to the racetrack and experience motorsport from the inside; top-notch VIP welcome, privileged access to the race, visit of pitbox and a meet & greet with the drivers.


Brand Activation is all about bringing the spirit of brands to life. Linking your brand to motorsport will increase the brand awareness of your company and support your image. The core values of sportscar racing include; performance, reliability, endurance, quality, winning, fast, dynamic, high tech & efficiency. You can link your company’s image and values to the core values of motorsport.The technological innovation and progress of efficient use of energy is an important value of the sport. Xavier is the frontrunner in the field of efficiency, an important part of his strategy.


Experience motorsport up-close as a VIP. From start to finish we guide you in the world of motorsport. You will be welcomed as a true VIP on the track and get acquainted with motorsport up-close. The whole day we will deliver quality for your guests. We will show us our love for motorsport. With the personal involvement of Xavier, your guests will directly be involved in the race. Have a look at the pit box, get acquainted with the team, smell the rubber and fuel and follow the race from the inside. Experience racing with all the ‘looks and feels’. Share the adrenaline at the highest level.


Great events, great locations. We build a successful business platform with enthusiastic companies in our Sparx Business Club. You are part of a great group of partners and meet them regularly at races and the top events that we organize in the ‘savoir vivre’ of Limburg. In the informal racing atmosphere you can build decent new relationships. Next to our teampresentation, where the new race car of the season is revealed, we organize exclusive events, where our partners will be welcomed as VIP and where in an informal manner sport and business are combined; the ideal platform for your network.


It is essential to activate your partnership. Involve your employees with a motivation program. A karting challenge is one example, where the winner gets to see one of the races as a VIP. Let the partnership live vividly inside your company, which will lead to greater results. Next to that Xavier can organise teambuilding sessions with your team. As a athlete he knows what it needed to get the maximum out of your team. In addition Xavier is the ideal person to host your event of meeting. Xavier can be a great ambassador for your company.
Your activation can also be used towards your suppliers and customers. You can bring them together with loyalty programs or sales promotion.


Xavier and his team can create a great return on investment for your company. Our proposals are tailored to the needs of your business, customized with a personal touch. This allows you to focus on exposure, brand activation, relationship, network or a combination of these marketing tools. Xavier Maassen brings you more than just sponsorship. We think from your perspective and ask what we can do for your business. Quality is always our guide. You can also make a mix between Sparx Business Club and Xavier Maassen Events, where we customize to your needs. Let us know what we can do for your company and we will make a customized proposal.

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